Bridgewater, the largest community on Nova Scotia’s South Shore has long been considered a gateway to comfortable living. You or your loved one will thoroughly enjoy it.

Boasting excellent medical facilities, convenient and varied shopping on a traditional Main Street and beautifully situated on the LaHave River, retirement in Bridgewater simply makes sense.

Parks, museums, banks, walking trails, a community public library and an array of festivals and events are among the many amenities this vibrant town has to offer. The hobbies and activities you have enjoyed will be well supported by the town’s existing programs, clubs and facilities.

Easily accessible and with a strong and vibrant economy, Bridgewater is close to Metropolitan Halifax and conveniently accessible to the United States via International Ferry or by air via the Stanfield International Airport.

The best way to determine if Ridgewood Assisted Living is for you or a loved one, is to book a tour with us today.


Watch Our Typical Day

No two days at Ridgewood Assisted Living are the same. We feel that music,
exercise, social activities along with delicious and nutritious foods are keys to longevity.

Ridgewood Assisted Living History


Opening of Ridgewood Assisted Living

Ridgewood Assisted Living Opens its doors to the community.


New Ownership

Local operator purchases Ridgewood.


Ridgewood Culture Document Created

We created and implemented a document outlying our fundamental beliefs and practices in resident care.


The Internet of Care Deployed

Nxtgen (formerly known as The Internet of Care), is a wearable device encouraging positive social interactions to give rise to a better quality of life and measure the meaningfulness of our care.


Celebrating 10 Years of Service

Ridgewood Assisted Living proudly achieves ten years in service.

Ridgewood Leadership Team


David Burke

David brings over twenty-five (25) years experience working with seniors and healthy aging. He believes we should have options as we age, options that support independence, respect, equality and love.

He believes it is not enough we have caring and competent staff; we must also do inspiring work together. It is not enough we can provide great meals, nice accommodations, recreation and leisure events, excellent care, and a meaningful place for people to live, we must also create community and home.


Kat Foster Crouse

Kat cares for people and is grateful for the many life lessons she has learned from her elders. Being active and participating in engaging activity (fun) should not end as we age. Age is just a number and she loves the challenge of changing the mindsets of people who think differently.

Kat feels privileged to work with the residents of Ridgewood Assisted Living and often affectionately refers to our residents as her “Auxiliary Grandparents”