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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I afford to live at Ridgewood Assisted Living?

Living at Ridgewood is more affordable than you may first think. If you consider your current cost of living, and the stressors of maintaining a home, it is comparable and more convenient to live at Ridgewood. Ridgewood also provides regular access to a variety of social activities and other like-minded people committed to healthy aging. To help you calculate and compare some of the real costs of living in your current home, we’ve compiled a list that breaks down some typical monthly expenses all of which would be covered in your rent at Ridgewood:
• Mortgage/rent/condo fees
• Property Taxes
• Groceries & prescription deliveries
• Homeowners’ Insurance
• Utilities (water, electricity, fuel)
• House Maintenance (furnace, plumbing, painting, repairs, etc.)
• House Cleaning
• Yard Maintenance (mowing, snow removal, raking, landscaping/gardening)
• Alarm system monitoring
• Transportation (taxis, buses, car insurance, gas)
• Social Activities
• In home care

What is included at Ridgewood Assisted Living?

Ridgewood is committed to building trusting relationships to best meet the needs of our residents as they age. We want to promote independent living, helping people make informed decisions. We are a private facility and receive no government funding. People choose to live at Ridgewood for greater freedom and options. All our suites are approximately 200 square feet (some a little smaller and some a little bigger). Each suite has its own private bathroom with shower (includes shower seat and slide bar for added convenience and safety). Our assisted living price includes 3 home cooked meals and 2 snacks daily, light housekeeping each day (empty garbage and clean bathrooms), medication management and reminders, leisure and recreation activities, personal laundry, linen and towel service daily, weekly deep cleaning of suite (vacuum, dust, etc.) and lots of opportunities for socialization. Suites are one room with no kitchenette area (see pictures on website). We purchase local and fresh foods as much as possible. All our suites are furnished (includes linens, bedding and towels) and some residents choose to use our furniture, their own or a combination of the two. Residents are able to decorate their rooms to their individual tastes and interests (includes hanging pictures and meaningful art, family mementos, etc.). Also included is digital cable, phone (able to use existing number and unlimited calling in North America), internet and Nxtgen, a powerful software solution committed to longevity and healthy aging.

Our pricing is subject to change and begins at $4000 per month, depending on size of suite and resident needs. Couple rates add an extra $1200 to the suite prices. Please email for a price quote and availability.

We have a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) on staff. We have an in house hair salon, foot care and phlebotomist (blood collection). These services are extra and we invoice on a monthly bases as these services are used. Some people want to live their last days at Ridgewood so we have created Care Packages to meet changing care needs. Download here:Care Packages 2022 and 2023 Approved Sept 2022. We also partner with a number of community agencies (i.e., VON, Palliative Care, etc) and primary care physicians to provide residents with options. All residents are required to have their own physician or nurse practitioner in the community.

Some residents receive benefits from Veteran Affairs. Ridgewood has a “K” number and residents or their family members contact VA to make arrangements for VA funding to continue while living at Ridgewood (this is the responsibility of family to arrange and is typically very seamless and easy to transition). We also work with insurance companies of residents who have made those plans for their senior years (i.e., Blue Cross, Great West Life, etc).

We have full-time recreation and leisure staff and have a company van for select community outings. All our leases are monthly and only require 30 days’ notice to terminate as per Nova Scotia Residential Tenancy Act. Leases are signed on a first come first serve basis. We do not book suites in advance. Some families will immediately sign lease and start paying rent even though their loved one may not move in for days or weeks later.

What size are the suites at Ridgewood Assisted Living?

All of our suites are one room, approximately 200 square feet with private bath. They all come fully furnished with bed, dresser, and night stand. Most people choose to bring their own furniture and decorate according to their personal taste. We have larger suites for couples.

Do you currently have availability?

We typically are fully occupied and have a wait list. However, the waitlist can move quickly so it is best to arrange a tour and chat with our team.

What if I have dementia?

Ridgewood is an assisted living home committed to providing seniors and their families with quality options for care. Our focus is on supporting and maintaining independence in a safe and respectful environment.

As we age, our needs change. Our philosophy of care supports “Aging-in-Place”. This allows residents to live where they feel comfortable and at home, even as their requirements for care change. This includes changes with our brain and dementia. Many of our residents are living with some memory and/or functional decline. Some have been diagnosed with a dementia illness (usually an Alzheimer’s process). Our base price includes assistance with 1 bath or shower per week and prompting for personal care.
Our team works closely with all our residents and their families to develop individualized care plans to enable independent assisted living with supportive care in a safe environment. Dementia is a cluster of symptoms affecting our memory and function. Most people living at Ridgewood are active and living with some form or combination of memory and/or function (ability) challenges. Ridgewood is a dementia friendly environment.

Why choose Ridgewood Assisted Living?

Ridgewood supports and encourages healthy aging. Our focus is on creating an environment that maintains independence in a safe and respectful manner. We have all heard the horror stories about living in a nursing home. Ridgewood provides choice and options. Ridgewood is committing to creating a home like experience so we can live the life we have earned.
If your annual income is close to or over $30 000, you will be required to pay a daily rate to live in a government funded facility very close to what it would cost to live at Ridgewood. At Ridgewood there are more options and greater flexibility. You can bring your own furniture and decorate your suite according to your personal tastes. We are also the first community to employ Nxtgen (formerly the Internet of Care), – a powerful software solution committed to longevity and healthy aging. Nxtgen measures all interactions in a care community to determine the meaningfulness of care. Nxtgen provides greater satisfaction and peace of mind to residents, families and care providers.

What is a typical day like at Ridgewood?

At Ridgewood you can come and go as you please – as if it is your own home. We don’t have visiting hours. You can wake when you want and saunter to the dining room in your robe whenever you like. We buy local foods and fresh when available. Meals are served in a central dining room. All our meals are home cooked on site. We have lots of activities to encourage meaningful social engagement, movement and friend connections.  We organize and administer all your medications and regular housekeeping chores, including your personal personal laundry, linen and towel service daily, weekly deep cleaning of suite (vacuum, dust, etc.) light housekeeping each day (empty garbage and clean bathrooms). We clean and make your bed so you have worry free living.

What steps do I need to take to move into Ridgewood?

Please contact us to arrange a tour and talk about your interest in moving to Ridgewood. We know this can be a challenging time for many people and their families. Our commitment is to making the transition to Ridgewood as smooth as possible. One of our team members would be happy to meet with you and your loved ones to determine if Ridgewood is a good fit for you.

Ridgewood Assisted Living

We’re always happy to answer questions when you or a loved one is considering retirement living. In our experience, the best way to experience Ridgewood Assisted Living is to book a tour. Come visit us and see the love, care and respect that is Ridgewood, along with all the activities and opportunities we provide.

Feel free to contact us Phone 1-902-543-9304 E-mail Address 372 Aberdeen Rd,
Bridgewater, NS B4V 2T3