As a Certified Nxtgen Care Community, Ridgewood uses cutting-edge technology in combination with best-in-class care practices to monitor the daily activities of all residents and frontline staff.

Nxtgen Care uses unobtrusive data collection to generate insights on resident well-being and how our staff is meeting their needs.

How It Works:

All our residents and front-line staff are outfitted with a wearable social bracelet – we like to call it a liveable. This bracelet works in tandem with solar-powered, wall-mounted sensors to gather data on resident and staff movement & engagements.

With this information, our staff is empowered to focus on enhancing the unique care they provide to each of our residents. This includes more efficiently responding to resident care requests to proactively monitor residents’ social engagement helping staff monitor the health and well being of our residents.

It doesn’t end there. All resident families are given access to a web-based application where they can monitor the health and social activities of their family members. This is a very transparent approach, with tangible real-time information that makes us accountable to our clients. From your smartphone, families have access to real-time information – a window into the daily life of mom or dad – what activities they attended, meals they had, how much they engage with other residents, staff requests/response times, and more. And with the M-Factor Score, at-a-glance you can monitor the topline trend in your family member’s well-being.

Measuring Our Performance for You:

With Nxtgen Care we set and measure a range of care goals. It’s all about our accountability to our residents and their families. Quite simply put, with our investment in this cutting-edge technology we are committed to providing an unparalleled level of service on many levels. As a Certified Nxtgen Care Community, here is a range of care goals we monitor and measurement:

  • Infection Prevention & Controls
  • Request for Assistance Response times
  • Levels of Social Engagement
  • Levels of Physical Activity
  • Consistent delivery of Scheduled Resident Checks
  • Real-time reporting for resident families
  • Staff Performance
  • Identifying Residents at risk for loneliness.